MH2DGRAV is continuous two-dimension inversion software in MATLAB of  gravity data based on Talwani formulation.

Inversion: Compact (Ekinci, 2008).
MH2DGRAV - Matriks Kernell
MH2DGRAV - Ekinci
MH2DGRAV - Ekinci 2
MH2DGRAV - Ekinci 5
MH2DGRAV - EkinciReferences
1. M. Heriyanto, M. Hilmi Aufa and W. Srigutomo. Gravity Inversion Based on Talwani Formulation Using Very Fast Simulated Annealing Schemes. AIP Conference Proceedings (in press).
2. Ekinci, Yunus L. 2008. 2D focusing inversion of gravity data with the use of parameter variation as a stopping criterion Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society. Vol. 11, 1-9.


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